Your Job is not Your Work

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Do you have “another case of the Monday’s?”

Monday is a dreaded and mocked day in our culture because it returns us back to the grind, and tells us it’s time to get back to work. 

But what if this Monday was less about your job, and more about your work?

What’s the difference? 

Your job is the place you get paid or the title under which you do your work, but your job is not the same as your work. Your work is actually something different. 

God created you to work, and God has gifted you with certain passions, skills, and abilities to do good work. Your work is that thing you do, to make something better, or perhaps even bring something into existence for the first time. 

So this Monday think less about your “job” and more about your work. If you’re a painter, how can you use your brush as an artist who bears the image of God, and do good work that glorifies Him? If you’re a work-at-home mom, how can you lean into your craft and do your best work that perhaps only your family and God will see? 

No matter what your “job” is today, you have an opportunity to lean into your craft, and do something great. So this Monday why not do your best work, and glorify the One who made you to work. 

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