Woman willing to save 7 years for a Bible.

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Would you be willing to save for 7 years just to buy a Bible? Let me introduce you to a woman who would.

After day one of our Nicaragua Pastor Conference, we were able to take 36 pastors to a local Christian book store to buy books. Because of the generosity of one man, each pastor got a $100 allowance to buy new books.

While we were there, David asked me if we could also buy Chilo, the house cook, a Study Bible. Of course I said yes without hardly any thought or after thought about it, until later that night when I found out the rest of the story.

It was pretty late before I got back to the house, and within minutes Chilo found me. She had tears in her eyes with unbridled joy radiating from her face.  She began telling me her story as David translated.

It turns out Chilo had been wanting a Study Bible for a very long time. Just 5 days ago she finally got up the nerve to ask her husband if they could begin saving little by little to buy one. They both decided to save C$5 cordobas a week until they had enough to buy the Bible.

Now let me do some math with you. The exchange rate of cordobas to dollars is 27-1, which means it takes 27 cordobas to equal 1 US dollar.  The price of a Study Bible in Nicaragua is C$1,755 cordobas ($65 US dollars). If Chilo put back C$5 cordobas a week, it would take her 351 weeks to save enough money which means it would take her almost 7 YEARS to buy her Study Bible.

Here is  a woman willing to sacrificially save for 7 years because she desires to read and understand the word of God. 

Here she stood before me, tears streaming down her face as she held her new 7 year treasure, that had just came a few years early!

After reading Chilo’s story, maybe it’s time for you to go blow the dust off your Bible that you may have once taken for granted before meeting Chilo.