What Evie Kate Taught Me at 4:45 am.

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This morning I had Evie Kate duty at 4:45 am. I first tried laying her on my chest so she would go back to sleep (and me too), but after a few minutes she was ready to conquer the world, so we both got up. Now for the last hour, she has been playing, and I have been reading (and now writing).

“See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.” – 1 John 3:1

I read this passage and then looked up at my 1-year old daughter standing in her strawberry cupcake pajamas. Then she grabbed a book and came and set in my lap, looking up at me with a huge I-love-you-daddy smile. My heart almost burst.

And then it hit me. God loves me like that! He loves me like I love Evie Kate because I too am His child! Through His Son Jesus, God has adopted me into His family and sings His love over me as His very own son.

So why do I love Evie? Is it because she sleeps in, always obeys, cleans her room, and doesn’t interrupt my life? No. My love for her is not based on what she does or doesn’t do. Instead, my love is completely based on who she is, my daughter!

In the same way, God’s love for me is not based on how well I do today, but rather it is rooted in who I am and Whose I am. God loves me today because through Jesus I am His son. Period.

And with three sons and one daughter of my own, I know that means He loves me a whole lot!