what did they see? 

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This morning my wife and I were joined by these two guys for Resurrection Sunday worship. As Crider (6) and Finley (4) stood in the midst of it all, I couldn’t help wonder what their little eyes were seeing. After some reflection, here are a few things I hope they saw as we sang. 

1) My daddy really loves Jesus. I’m sure it’s pretty easy for my boys to notice the things I value. They saw me cheering for the cats last night, working in my woods, and washing my Jeep. I hope this morning they saw me loving SOMEONE even more. I hope their little eyes told their little hearts, “Wow, my daddy REALLY loves Jesus and he is singing louder to Him than he cheered for the Cats last night.”

2) My daddy really believes the gospel. I know my boys hear me talking all the time about what Jesus did for them on the cross, but today I hope they saw me loving the fact that I have been forgiven and given righteousness in Christ. I hope they heard in my voice how deeply I love what Christ did for me. 

3) My daddy is part of something bigger than himself. Looking past me, I hope my boys saw hundreds of other moms and dads just like me, gathered as one big family all worshiping our risen King together. I hope they got a taste of the kingdom of Christ. A kingdom made up of men and women who have died with Christ, and have been raised to walk in the newness of life. 

Ultimately this morning I hope my boys didn’t just see a group of people singing, but they saw the reason behind WHY we were singing. And that reason is because a man walked out of His tomb the first Easter morning. 

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  1. I am sure they did Kory. So thankful for all the precious children God has Blessed us with at Hardin. I am also thankful for you – Bro Ricky . Celissa and Katie who live out the gospel and are such a wonderful example of a Christian family. We love all of you so much. When I picked up Georgia she jumped up with hands in the air and said GOD iIS ALIVE !!! he come our of that cave end He is really Alive!! I know she listened today and pray she will someday become a Christian and serve our risen Savior!!

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