TODAY is the best day to start a One Year Bible.

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Do you remember that time you started reading your newly purchased One Year Bible? You were excited that in just minutes a day you could read through the whole Bible in one year.

That was January 1 (of some year), and you made it through Genesis and most of Exodus. But then those “missed days” began mounting up and December 31st loomed over you like a late school assignment.

And instead of pushing through, you quit and promised yourself that you would be more faithful next year. Then next year happened, and you did the same.

Now let me give you some grace. I do not believe your problem was a lack of desire or effort. I think your problem was with the date January 1. You picked that date because that’s where all one-year plans start, which I think is a big mistake.

So I want to give you two secrets that will help you finish a One Year Bible (and actually enjoy it).

Secret #1: 
Start reading a One Year plan TODAY, August 15th.

Secret #2:

Don’t call it a One Year plan, call it a Two Year plan.

If you follow this advice, you will be reading January 1’s scripture on August 15th. If you do the math, that gives you a four and half month head start! Plus, if you call it a Two Year Bible plan, you can tack an extra year to that head start!

Now when you get busy or forget day four’s reading, you can just skip it and return to day four on day five (or day 10!). This means you can miss guilt free and never have to play catch-up again.

It’s worth mentioning that the point of reading a One-Year Bible plan is NOT just to finish the whole Bible in one year, but rather to connect with God though His word and see the big story of redemption and the Kingdom of God in the person of Jesus.

So I say start your One Year Bible today, August 15th. This will let you stop stressing about missed days and instead simply enjoy God day-by-day.

To get started you can buy a One Year Bible or download a free guide online. Then start reading January 1 (on August 15th) and forget the dates and let the daily reading format lead you through the whole narrative of scripture. And keep in mind it doesn’t matter how fast you finish, it’s the consistent time you spent with God that counts.

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