The Farm was closed, amen.

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I am a note taker. During preaching I usually have my Bible open and my pen pressed to my Moleskine scribbling frantically to capture all the main points (and most of the sub-points) of the sermon. Yesterday however, instead of pen and paper, I had coloring books and crayons in my lap. Yesterday the Farm was closed due to weather damage, so this meant all the children were in main service, including my three boys who are all under the age of 6.

So yesterday my goal was simple, SURVIVE.

About 10 minutes into the sermon I heard an echo to my left. It was Crider (6) who was mumbling under his breath, “Amen” as he was trying to draw a panda bear with his colors. A few moments later, I said, “Amen” in agreement with Bro. Ricky’s (or dad’s, Papaw’s, etc.) point from the word, and immediately I heard Crider say again, “Amen”. It didn’t take long until his younger brother Finn (4) joined in the chorus of amens coming from the third row.

And at that moment I was grateful the Farm had been closed for the day. I love the Farm and I am glad my kids get age appropriate lessons while mom and dad sit in worship and actually listen and take notes (I’m a note taker remember), but today I was reminded of the importance of my children experiencing “adult” worship as well. For it is there, and only there, that my kids see the whole body, both young and old, praying, singing, and shouting “amen” to the preached word of God.

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  1. Yes Cory, I too was blessed to see all the children in our worship service. Especially your boys as they got to hear PaPaw preach and say Amen. It especially blessed my heart to see Bro. Ricky affectionately take G and let him experience preaching in PaPaws arms! Can’t wait to talk to G about it next Sunday! I am so thankful I have had the privilege of being able to teach all three of your special boys! I also thoroughly enjoy getting to hear their daddy preach. U are very blessed by God!

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