The Day I Woke Up Mad. 

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This morning did not begin the way I wanted it to. 

It’s our second day of vacation, and my 7 year old decided to wake up at 5:45am. Did I mention I’m on vacation! 

My first reaction was anger. Didn’t my 7 year old know the rules about sleeping in on vacation? Didn’t he know vacation mornings are for drinking coffee (after 8) and reading the whole USA Today? 

After about 15 minutes of trying to convince my son to go back to bed, I made a choice. I decided to change my perspective, and in the process, my heart.  

I sat there and looked at my son, and begin to thank God for him and for this moment. On this second day of vacation, God gave me a gift. The gift of rising before the sun did, to spend some alone time with my son. I was blessed.   

The truth is, we have very little control over what happens to us everyday. Kids wake up early on vacation, boss’s yell, and friends let us down. But in every situation we have a powerful choice. The choice to see the good (no matter how small it may be), and choose to react with thankfulness and grace. 

The truth is we can’t decide when our kids will get up, but we can decide which version of us they will wake up to.