Show off your colors

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Did you notice the trees this morning on your drive to work or dropping off the kids? All those brilliant colors of purple, pink, yellow, white and red? I love the way the colors of Spring point to new life, as all the dead-looking boring trees, turn into jaw-dropping works of art that catch our eyes and stir our hearts.

This weekend the Church celebrated Easter, the event where Jesus rose from the grave, defeating death and bringing new life out of the grave with Him. But now it’s the Monday after, so what are we supposed to do now? I think we are suppose to be like those trees of Spring, letting our new-life colors shine for all to see.

For when Jesus rose from the dead, so did you (if you are in Christ), and His resurrection was your resurrection. This means you have new life right now, and your new life will continue to grow until it is complete when you see Jesus face to face.

So as you continue to see those Spring trees that are budding in beauty, remember that is a picture of you! For you too were once dead and ugly, but now have been made alive and beautiful in Christ.

And now that you have new life, the beauty of Jesus and the fruit of His righteousness should be shining through you in an array of colors that causes the world to stop and stare, and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

So on the Monday after Easter, go be beautiful, for Jesus sake.