Saul to Paul

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There was a man who hated Jesus and the lie that was spreading about his so-called “resurrection”. This man knew better than to believe any such conspiracy, and hated anyone who did.

This man’s name was Saul. He was a zealous Pharisee on a mission to kill or imprison as many Christians as he could. The church was terrified of him, but he had no fear of them or their so called Lord.

Then something happened. This man suddenly stopped trying to destroy the Church and joined it. He stopped trying to kill Christians and begin trying to multiply them. Saul, the enemy of the church, became Paul, the apostle-preacher-biblewriting-martyr for the church.

So what happened? What could possibly explain such a radical change in one man’s life?

Answer: this man saw Jesus Christ risen and alive from the dead (Acts 9). Therefore, his radical change from Saul to Paul can only be explained by the fact that he really saw Jesus alive from the dead, and in seeing Jesus everything changed for him.

If the resurrection is a myth, Saul would have remained Saul. But he did not because it is no myth, but a radical life changing event that changed him, and the world forevermore.

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