Peter’s Changed Life

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In our modern age faith and reason are view as opposite forces. Christians as those who have faith, while secularistic as those who have reason. Of course this is a false assumption, because secularism and Christianity both have elements of faith and reason. As we see this week, Christianity is not just built on faith, but on faith that is reasonable.

What is “reasonable faith”? It’s faith that is based on events that have actually happened (Jesus’s birth, life, death, resurrection, current working, etc). Christians are not naive people with only subjective faith in the existence of some God, somewhere. Instead Christians are people who have real faith, in a real person, who came to reveal a real God.

The ultimate event of this reasonable faith is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So here is the biggest question to settle when contemplating Christianity, “Did Jesus of Nazareth really rise from the dead after being executed on a Roman cross?” If the answer is yes, then all people (including you) everywhere should repent and believe in Him. If the answer is no, then Christians above all people should pitied, because we would be following a dead Savior who feed us a lie. 

Of course I believe Jesus actually rose from the dead on the third, but my faith is not based on a fuzzy feeling or a hope-so-wish, but based on the fact that Jesus really did walk out of the tomb that first Easter morning. So how do I know this? Here is proof #1 of 6.

Proof #1 | The change in Peter’s life.

During Jesus’ trial before the high priest, a little servant girl asked Peter if he was with Jesus, and with Jesus watching Peter denied knowing Him before this little girl (Luke 22:54-62). Then, a few days after Jesus was beat and crucified, Peter stood up before a multitude of men and preached that Jesus was the true Messiah who had risen from the dead (Acts 2).

No comes the obvious question, “What changed the mind of Peter?”

Before the cross, Peter was too cowardly to admit he knew Jesus in the presence of a servant girl (with Jesus watching), and then after the cross, Peter was so courageous that he preached Jesus for the whole world to hear (knowing he would probably be killed for doing so). 

So what caused Peter to move from coward to courageous? 

The only logical explanation is that Peter saw Jesus risen from the dead! There is no other explanation for the boldness of Peter after the cross, and his willingness to die for the sake of Jesus. Moments before the cross Peter sough to protect his own skin in the presence of small crowd of people, but after the empty tomb Peter spoke boldly about even though he was often jailed and eventually killed for it. That is only one reasonable explanation for this. Peter saw Jesus Christ risen from the dead. And the resurrection changed his life forever.