Plugged in.

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I landed in Miami, reached for my iPhone (that had been cut off from the known world for the last two hours), and the alarm bells began to sound inside my head because my battery was in the red! All at once the airport seemed like a dessert and I was a lone wanderer looking for a modern oasis (a plugin spot for my iPhone).

It didn’t take me long to locate my oasis. There it was, an orangish-red illuminated beacon of light circled by 10-15 bodies and white cords dangling from what seemed to be the tree of souls from Avatar. At the end of all those white cords, there were people plugged into the world none of us  seem to be able to live without. The world that sent sheer panic through my spine after seeing the red light on my battery bar.

We have become a plugged in people who panic at the thought of being cut off or disconnected from the world of calls, texts, or tweets. But is this new reality revealing more that just a desire for social relationships. Could the smart phone age be showing us something about ourselves? Perhaps the reality is that we long for something bigger and better, something more than our immediate existence.

The truth is, those white cords plugged into the wall are revealing something deeper than those cords could ever satisfy. David said it well a few thousands years before smart phones. “As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God.” (Psalm 42:1)

As I left the plane, my soul was thirsty and anxious; thirsty to plug into the world of instant access and anxious about missing what was going on outside me. But truth be told, my soul was not designed to find satisfaction through a cord or a phone. It was meant to find deep and lasting satisfaction in the God who made me.

Yes we all need to be plugged in, but  not to a wall. We need to be plugged into to God.