New Year, New Plan, New You.

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I always get giddy around New Years. There’s just something about January 1 that makes me believe my best is yet to come and next year is wide open for the taking. And in the process of goal setting and calendar planning, I always try to think through a strategic way to engage God through His Word.

Have you ever tried to read the whole Bible from cover-to-cover? Perhaps you started at the beginning of last year but gave up around Leviticus and never got back into it. No matter what your story is, 2018 is a new year, and I think you should begin it with a fresh reading plan. Here is a super easy plan I am going to follow this year, and I want to commend it to you.

I’m calling it The 3-1-1 Plan (3 – OT, 1 – NT, 1 – Psalm).

The Plan. 
Read THREE chapters of the OT six days a week.
Read ONE Chapter of the NT six days a week.
Pray ONE Psalm six days a week. (Praying the Bible instructions)

The Math.

There are 929 chapters in the Old Testament, which will take 310 days if you read three chapters a day. There are 260 New Testament chapters taking 260 days at a one a day pace.

So if you read 6 days a week, you will have 312 days of reading in 2018, which gives 2 extra skips days for the OT reading, and 52 skip days for the NT. This means lots of catch-up days.

My life, like yours, is often crazy, so I need a simple, non-daunting reading plan if I am going to stick with it and still be reading in July. That’s why I did some math and created this simple plan I am going to work through this year, and I would love it if you joined me.

Happy New Years!

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