My Bible Reading Plan

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One of the most joyful and fruitful things I do is read through the Bible from cover to cover over the course of a year. I do this by following a plan, and I find myself recommending this plan to people all the time, so let me recommend it to you.

It’s called the ‘M’Cheyne One Year Reading Plan, and you can download it from the You Version Bible App here:

This plan walks you through the four major beginnings of the Bible, and has you read a chapter from each every day.

Genesis – the beginning of everything.
Ezra – the new beginning of Israel.
Matthew – the beginning of Jesus.
Acts – the beginning of the Church.

Using the app, I simply wake up and click today’s reading and it walks me through those four parts. Occasionally, I will even listen to the chapters while jogging or driving. If I miss a day, I simply go to the settings and click “catch me up” and it shifts my days forwards.

So with this plan, I very easily read the whole bible from cover to cover in about a year. I don’t stress about finishing on time, instead I just seek to enjoy God through His word daily, and this is the plan that helps me to it. Now I pray it helps you too

YouVersion App:

Reading plan: PDF