Making Sunday Unique

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There was a time in our culture when Sunday’s were different. Shops were closed, families meals were ate together, and (mostly) everyone went to church. Back then it was the Lord’s Day (not the NFL’s).

But today, Sunday’s have become just another day. A day for travel, sports, or catching up or getting ahead at work. I’m not sure how it happened, but I suggest we (meaning the followers of Jesus) take Sunday’s back, and set it apart as the unique life-giving day of worship it was meant to be.

Yesterday at lunch Katie and I asked this question, “How can we make Sunday’s unique?” And with help from our kids, we came up with these 7.

  1. We will go to Church. Not out of duty, but out of joy and delight. We will commit to gather on Sunday’s so we can go on Monday’s.
  2. We will eat on paper plates. We love breakfast food for lunch on Sunday‘s, and we like to serve it on paper plates. Yes this means no dishes, but it also means meals on Sunday’s look and feel different, and we hope our kids will notice.
  3. No TV or devices. Sunday’s will be for reading, boardgames, and time spent walking through the woods.
  4. No swim meets. My oldest just started swim, and most of his swim meets are both Saturday and Sunday events, but he will only swim on Saturday’s. For us, Sunday’s will not include sports.
  5. We will rest from work. This does not mean we will nap all day (though nap we will). Rather it means we will do activities that give life and fill us up, activities that set this day apart as leisure.
  6. I will not wear my Apple Watch. This sounds silly, but this is one very practical way I can make Sunday’s different. My Apple Watch tracks my activities and I love conquering my fitness goals each day. But Sunday’s are not about steps or workouts, so leaving my Apple Watch on the night stand will help remind me of that.
  7. We will connect together before bed. This may include an extra hand of UNO, or an extra chapter of Narnia with the kids. This means Katie and I will reflect on our past week, sync calendars, and talk about life on the couch together (not watching one of our shows).
Why do I share this? Not to get you to copy and paste our list (though you can), but to get you to ask the same question we did. How can your family make Sunday’s unique? Of course my family may add or subtract from this list, but our commitment will remain. For our house, Sunday’s will be different.