Journey with Us

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I’ve heard it said and it’s really true. Easter often gets a back seat to Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and the weeks of pageantry that proceed it. But shouldn’t Easter get as much, or even more attention than Christmas? I mean if Jesus is still dead in a tomb, we would not celebrate a manger scene.

So I vote we extend Easter this year and make it last as long as Jesus hung around after His own resurrection from the dead (that being 40 days). Let’s celebrate these next 40 days as the church, the new life we have through the resurrection of Jesus. I say we party.

To keep the resurrection at the forefront in my house, we have decided to read through the book of Acts over these next 40 days, to track how Jesus first built His church through those first witnesses who received power from the Holy Spirit. I hope these next 40 days of reading and rejoicing will help my family remember Jesus is still building His church through us, and we are filled with that same Holy Spirit.

So I wanted to extend the invitation to you.

Here’s the simple plan we intend to follow. Every night before bed (or at least most nights before bed) we are going to open the Bible and read one chapter from the book of Acts, starting at chapter 1. After reading we will have a brief discussion, and then use the reading to guide our family prayer time.

That’s it.

Now imagine if over these next 40 days you joined us as together we read the story of the early church, and then strived to keep writing that story as His church today. I’m imagining a good future, how about you?

When do the 40 days begin? Whenever you and your family say they do! I have set a goal for our family to end our reading by May 31st, maybe you could use that end date too.