Isaiah 53

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The Arm of the Lord (53:1)

ESV study Bible – “the power of God in action.”

Humility of the Savior (53:2-3)

God became a man. Men rejected Him as worthless.

Work of the Savior (53:4-5)

Summary: Jesus died in our place for our sins (Penal Substitutionary atonement).

He was wounded (pierced) for OUR transgressions.

His chastisement (punishment) brought OUR peace; His stripes OUR healing.

Our Need for the Savior (53:6)

“All we like sheep have gone astray” (We rebelled against a Holy God).

Willingness of the Savior (53:7-9)

“By oppression and justice He was taken away.”
Everything about Jesus’ trial was illegal, yet Jesus did not protest.

“Opened not His mouth”. Full submission to the purpose of saving His people.

Submission of the Savior (53:10-11)

“Will of the Lord to crush Him.”
Jesus was not a martyr, nor was His death an accident. He was God’s sacrifice for the sins of the world.

Satisfaction of the Savior (53:11)

Out of His anguish the wrath of God was satisfied.

By Jesus the many are accounted righteous.

Victory of the Savior (53:12)

“Therefore I will divide him a portion with the many, and he shall divide the spoils with strong”.

Jesus shares the victory of the cross with His people.