God will see

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I will never forget the overwhelming sense of awe and glory I felt staring at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, spellbound by the frescos Michelangelo had painted hundreds of years earlier. Though painting was not his first love (he preferred a chisel and hammer), the Pope summoned him to paint, so painting he did.

Painting the Sistine Chapel took Michelangelo over four years, which would cost him permanent eye damage and significant aging according to his friends. When asked why he worked so hard in a dark church that no one would ever see, he simply replied, “God will see” (Maxwell, pp. 18).

I can’t speak to Michelangelo’s actually relationship with God, but how powerful are those three little words? “God will see.” Can you imagine for four years painting on your back by candle light motivated by this thought, “God will see”?

Today you may feel like slacking off or letting off the gas a bit because you’re not sure your work matters, or if anyone even notices what you’re doing. If those are your thoughts, remember the words of a man painting alone on his back, “God will see.”

And it just so happened a few other people ended up seeing his work as well!


(John Maxwell’s, The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader.)