Feminism Gets a Bloody Nose

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Every once in a while our worldview gets punched in the face, literally.  This happened yesterday when Florida State quarterback De’Andre Johnson got into a bar fight, with a woman.

And immediately there was outrage, but why?

If you watched the video you noticed the woman at the bar actually hit De’Andre first, yet there were no headlines throwing her under the bus. Instead, the outrage only came when De’Andre (the man) returned the favor.

And here is where the feminist worldview of gender equality gets a sucker punch of reality. They may hold the belief there is no fundamental differences between men and women, yet anyone with a pulse is outraged when a man decks a woman, in or outside a bar. Period.

As a Youth Pastor for more than 10 years, I have had the manhood talk with numerous boys who haven’t yet discovered they need deodorant, and I tell them all, “Men die first.” I tell them this because men and women are not the same; they are actually different; EQUALLY different. They are equal in value, dignity, and worth before God; yet different in their maleness and femaleness before one another.

Therefore men die first. Men protect women. God made it this way, and I know three boys who are being raised under my roof who will ensure God’s way continues into the next generation. They will honor women, not punch them.

In fact, my three sons know that if someone breaks into our house, Dad dies first, then all three of them, because no one lays a hand on their mommy. And if that’s culturally sexist, so be it. But rest assured if they see a woman get a bloody nose in a bar, there will be more blood flowing, because men and women are not the same. Men die first.