Drive, Bike, and Walk Through Scripture.

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This week on vacation I have done three things almost everyday. Drive. Bike. Walk. 

All three are methods of transportation, but all three are quite different in form and results. 

You drive because you want to get somewhere. It’s about the destination. 

You bike because you want to see the sights and get some exercise along the way. It’s all about the journey. 

You walk to notice the details and perhaps catch up with a good friend as you go. It’s about the details. 

Doing all three this week has added variety to my days and I have noticed the beauty all around me. For this reason, I think we should have a rhythm of driving, biking, and walking through scripture to see all it’s beauty. 

Drive. This would be a Bible reading plan where the destination is in front, as you see the mountains and deserts along the way. 

Bike. This is when you take one book, or one section of a book and spend some time looking at the trees, creeks, and squirrels as you pedal through it. It’s not about seeing the big picture of the whole Bible, it’s about getting some of the Bible in you. 

Walk. Now we’re talking about looking at sentences and thinking about words. You not only notice the trees, you examine the bark and taste some of the fruit. You take in the smells, and soak up the details. You are digging deep, and discovering diamonds. 

Driving, biking, and walking are all different movements for different reasons. I think using all three to move through scripture will help you see the forest and the trees, while experiencing God’s goodness around every bend.