Don’t Settle for Yesterday’s Glory.

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It’s safe to say Moses knew God. In fact, God had spoken to him from a burning bush, spent 40 solid days talking with him on a mountain, and conversed with him face-to-face as a friend.

But even though Moses knew God, he wasn’t satisfied with yesterday knowledge of God only. Instead he insisted that God show him more, so he asked, “Please show me your glory” ((Exodus 33:18).

But hadn’t Moses already seen God’s glory? Yes, many, many, times actually (Remember the plagues, etc?). So why then did Moses ask God to show him His glory again?

It was for the same reason we should ask God to show us His glory today. Because God’s yesterday glory is not meant to satisfy us today.

The truth is Moses had experienced enough yesterday glory to last a lifetime, but today he wanted more. Which God was glad to reveal because God has enough glory to last 10 thousand tomorrows, and then 10 thousand more.

So God showed Moses more of His glory that day, but not all (least Moses would die).

What about you? Are you settling for God’s yesterday glory to get you through today, even though today God has more glory to give?

Why not instead, wake up each and every morning with an open Bible and ask the same question Moses did, “Lord, (today) please show me your glory.”

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