Day 21 – Who’s is the Kingdom?

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One of the most shocking developments in the Kingdom, is about who is in the kingdom and who is not. In a few short parables in Jerusalem, Jesus reveals that those who assumed they were in, were actually out, and those who assume they were out, found themselves welcomed in. Jesus says it like this, “Truly, I say to you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes go into the kingdom of God before you.” (Matt. 21:31)

Jesus spoke these words to the Pharisees, the “good guys”, the ones who had always obeyed God and followed His commands. And with three parables Jesus proved his point, the third parable detailing a wedding feast. In this wedding feast the invited quests were to busy to come to the banquet the king had thrown for his son. So in anger the king tells his servants to go through the streets and invite people who were not invited, and of course they gladly came to what would have been the greatest event of their lives!

Here is the point. Israel had been invited long ago to the wedding feast of the son, but now the son was standing in front of them and they could care less about him or his banquet. So the invitation was extended to those who would come, to those who would care, to those who found Jesus and his banquet to be the best news in the whole world!

The Pharisees were offended and shocked at the thought that they were excluded from the kingdom, while sinners were let in. But if only the Pharisees could have seen that they too were invited to come, but they had to come the same way the prostitutes and tax collectors did, as sinners in deep need of a Savior. For the feast of the Kingdom is only for ex-sinners who have been made spotless brides through the blood of the King, who is also the groom.