A plate of ribs and the gospel

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I just saw a Chili’s commercial. It’s 7:41pm. I have not ate dinner yet. What’s going through my head (or stomach)? Yum, yum, get me some right? Nope. The complete opposite. I turned my head. Gag reflex. The truth is I’m sick. It started last night with Katie, and then she generously shared the goodness […]

Is Donald or Hillary the Enemy?

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November 8th, 2016 (Election Day). Today many of us will not happily vote for our hero (or heroine), but instead we will reluctantly vote against our enemy (so we think). For some, Hillary Clinton and the liberal agenda is the clear enemy, so they will vote against her by voting for him. For others, Donald […]

Better Freedom

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This weekend has been all about freedom and liberty. From red, white, and blue swim shorts, to fireworks exploding in the air, freedom has been on parade, and it should be, because free people should celebrate their freedom. But what is freedom? For “we the people”, freedom began as an idea in the minds and […]

Plugged in.

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I landed in Miami, reached for my iPhone (that had been cut off from the known world for the last two hours), and the alarm bells began to sound inside my head because my battery was in the red! All at once the airport seemed like a dessert and I was a lone wanderer looking […]