How to Kid Proof Your Marriage

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To have a thriving marriage in the middle of diapers and soccer games, you have to know the difference between marriage and parenting. Parenting is different from marriage because parenting is about “leaving” and marriage is about “holding fast” forever (Genesis 2:24). So you parent expecting your kids to one day leave, while you marry […]

Nudity is Natural, But Not in Playboy.

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Yesterday, Playboy announced it would once again feature nudity in its magazine, claiming “nudity is natural”. Of course, selling nudity built their very expensive playboy mansion, for the very reason public nudity isn’t natural, but rather clothes are. But now let’s ask the question, “Is nudity natural?” From a Biblical worldview, the answer is both […]

Marriage requires weeding.

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I’m no gardener, but I have gardened once or twice. Gardening is extremely rewarding because you get to enjoy first hand the fruits of your labor, but gardening is just that; labor. In order to have a fruitful garden you must do two things: plant seeds and pull weeds. If you want a fruitful marriage, […]

9 Foxes Your Wife Wants You To Kill.

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“Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that spoil the vineyard, for they are in full blossom.” (Song of Solomon 2:15) “Foxes” were little pest in the ancient world that spoiled vineyards by eating all the grapes. These foxes were small and hard to catch, yet if ignored they would kill the vineyard. In […]