April 14 – But God, I Can’t Write!

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When God called Moses to lead Israel out of slavery, he answered back, “But I can’t speak well.” Over the past few months I have felt God calling me to start a blog, and similar to Moses I have replied over and over, “But God, I can’t write!” So Moses couldn’t speak, and I can’t write, but God used Moses to speak (well I guess his brother, but you get the point) so maybe He will use me to write.

My hope in writing this blog is to make theological truths accessible to people who don’t want to spend hours reading theological books. Jesus said, “To whom much is given, much is required.” After graduating from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary I feel I have been given much, and here is my attempt to give away what I have been given, to you.

So here’s to you, for reading a blog from a blogger who can’t write. But hey, it worked for Moses (and the Israelites)…

2 thoughts on “April 14 – But God, I Can’t Write!

  1. What an awesome idea… I find myself busier than ever. I feel time running by now and I want to do sooo much before I can’t ! To be able to gather nuggets on the go is priceless !

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