Are You Missing Sunsets?

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My phone was still in the condo, so I wasn’t tempted to grab mine and begin snapping pictures. I guess that why I noticed the fact that everyone else on the beach did. 

The sun was going down, which of course brought all the phones out. 

Then I began to observe how everyone else was experiencing this spectacular event. They were snapping pictures, and then immediately looking down to share those pictures with all the appropriate #’s, etc. 

And then I thought, “Are we missing sunsets (and other precious moments) because of our obsession with posting them?” 

Here was a crowd of people experiencing a majestic sunset over the ocean, and yet almost all of them missed it. Instead of actually watching the sunset, the were staring at a screen and monitoring the reactions to their sunset post. 

So here’s a question to ponder: Are you missing life’s greatest moments because you want everyone else to know you are expericing them? 

If so, maybe try this: Take the picture and then post it later (or maybe don’t post it at all). 

Take the picture and then enjoy the moment, the real moment. Watch that sunset (or your kids) through your eyes and not your screen, and you just might find there is more to see when you actually experience these moments through your own eyes.