9 questions to see if you’re alive in Christ

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At the end of his gospel, John gives us the purpose behind his writing. That purpose is for us to believe in Jesus, but not believe only, because John knew true belief always leads to new life in Jesus.

That’s why John includes the word AND. After all, the point of Christianity is not for people just to intellectual say they believe Jesus is Lord, but for people to trust that information in their hearts and receive new life in Him.

Here are 9 questions to see if you are alive in Jesus:

  1. Living things grow. Are you growing in Christ?
  2. Living things reproduce. Are you multiple the gospel in others?
  3. Living things respond to stimuli. Are you responding to God moving in your life?
  4. Most living things long for sunlight. Do you long for God’s presence?
  5. Most living things long for food and water. Do you long for God’s Word and Spirit?
  6. Living things move. Do you move and exercise spiritual muscles?
  7. Some living things have hearts. Do you have a PASSION for Christ & His kingdom advancing on this earth?
  8. Living things often share community with other living things. Do you live in community with other followers of Jesus?
  9. Living things are not dead. Is there a difference in your life now, compared to when you were dead before Christ?

Have you believed in Jesus? Great. Now the follow-up question, do you have new life in His name? For life is the mark of true saving faith.