6/15 – 5 Lessons about fatherhood.

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1. There is no i in father. 

I grew up believing that being a dad meant loosing yourself in order to love and lead your family, because that’s what I saw my dad do. Now with three sons of my own, I hope they will grow up with the same model of fatherhood. I was recently asked what some of my favorite hobbies were. I laughed and said, “I only have three hobbies; Crider, Finley, and Garnett.”


2. Love their mother more. 

As a son I always knew my dad loved me like crazy, but I also knew he loved my mom even more than me. Just a few weeks ago my son Finley asked, “Dad, do you love mom more than me.” Without hesitation I said, “Yes.” Dads love your kids like crazy, but love their mom even more.


3. Confess, forgive, grow.

Fatherhood is extremely difficult and as a father I fail almost everyday before my wife and kids. I have come to understand my kids don’t need a perfect father, they need a real father who confesses when he fails, and forgives others when they do. My kids need a father who is growing into the likeness of Jesus, and that comes through confession and change.


4. Father for your grandkids sake. 

I don’t just want to raise my sons to be courageous men for Christ, I also want them to raise their sons to do the same. When I teach my sons a lesson, I often follow it with, “and this is what you need to teach your kids when your a dad one day”. My prayer is that there will be a legacy of Cunningham’s who will walk with the Lord in the midst of a crooked generation.


5. Love God the most. 

Yes, I saved the best for last. The most important thing any father can do is to love God the most. Love God more than your wife. Love God more than your kids. Make your home about the glory of Christ, because your kids or wife can’t handle being the true center. Lead your family to worship Christ supremely, and in doing so you will have fathered them well.

Happy Father’s Day.