5 Tips for Smashing Your Idols.

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Perhaps during Sunday’s sermon God made you aware of some idols in your life. If so, here are a five suggestions for smashing them.

Fight lies with truth.

At the bottom of every idol is a lie. Idols promise you things they can’t really deliver, and they always cost you more than you really want to pay. So identify the lie, and speak truth to it.

Example: Making it to the top of your career will make you ultimately happy, and then you will have time for your family and friends. Truth, only God can give you eternal happiness, and He doesn’t make you sacrifice your loved ones to get it.

Love Jesus more.

At the root of your idols you will find heart desires. For Israel her heart’s desire was “Egypt”, so she ran to a golden calf to get it. Your heart’s desire might be acceptance, worth, or pleasure, causing you run to any number of things to get them.

The fight then is raged in your heart. Who will you choose to love more, Jesus or something in His place? Will you love pornography supremely because it gives you pleasure on-demand, or will you love Jesus supremely because He gives you pleasure forevermore.

Confess and repent.

The next step is to take your idol to God through confession and repentance. Tell God how you have sought to replace Him with an idol and ask Him for forgiveness. Then ask Him to fill the void you keep trying to fill with idols.

Take a break from it (or maybe just break it).

To smash some idols you need to take a break from them. Maybe for you social media has become your idol, therefore a week or two unplugged from it would help move it from idol-god back to gift-from-God.

Give someone else a hammer too.

For some idols you need to enlist others to help you hammer. This means confessing your idols to your spouse, a friend, or your small group. Handing out hammers makes idol smashing a lot more productive (and lasting).

What other ways would you suggest to smash idols?