The Heat Around You, Exposes the Sin in You.

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Heat causes things to grow. That’s good and bad news for a farmer.

The bad news is heat not only causes fruitful crops like soybeans and corn to grow, heat also causes worthless weeds like cockleburs to grow.  

Of course the heat from the sun doesn’t create cockelburs as opposed to corn, it simply stimulates what was already there, causing cocklebur roots to produce, well, cockleburs.  

In a similar way, heat (tough circumstances) in your life will cause the roots in your heart to bear either good fruit or thorns, corn or cuckleburs. 

For instance, your kids won’t go to bed (heat) so you yell (thorn), rather than respond with patience and grace (fruit). Your business deal goes south (heat) so you hit the ceiling (thorn), rather than rest in God’s sovereign care (fruit). Or your friend hurts you deeply (heat), so you forsake (thorn) rather than forgive (fruit). 

The truth is you have little or no control over the heat that comes into your life today. What you do have control over, is how you respond to the thorns that grow out of the bads roots in your heart. You can choose to repent. 

Repentance means chasing those nasty thorns, to their even nastier roots in your heart. Then confess those to Jesus so He can do what He does best; kill sin at the root, and replace it with gospel fruit. 

So the next time things heat up, take note of what comes out. And then praise Jesus for the good fruit, and ask Him to go to work on those prickly little cockleburs.